#BTL637 Comments

As a final assignment in my BTL 637: The Social Internet course, we were tasked with self-evaluating our emersion in blogging and twitter use. As part of the evaluation, we needed to post on the comments we made throughout the semester. On wordpress I was only able to find recent comments on my dashboard; so here I have listed some of my recent comments on classmates blogs and another blog I found interesting. This is not a true depiction of the blogs I have comment on; as it appears wordpress only keeps track of comments within the last month and therefore missing a lot of blogs I have commented on!

Comments I’ve made on other’s blogs:

First, I can’t believe you and Kellin both picked studies which used individuals wearing cameras on their head! I had never heard of this method and now have read about it twice! Very cool idea! Also, good topic, especially since social media in the work place was a topic we discarded at the beginning of the semester! Not sure how people get addicted to gambling, seeing all my money go bye-bye in Vegas made me never want to gamble again! I bet if ! was good or won that would be a different story! Interesting post, thanks for sharing!

Like Joy said, I loved the layout of your blog! “Detective Notes” – such a clever title! As for the first article, related to the stats you shared for predicting “gender of Twitter users with 92% accuracy based on their tweets, and it predicted the gender of LinkedIn users with 98% accuracy” – I found this very interesting and didn’t even know this was possible! I agree with your harmful and beneficial points! It could definitely help law enforcement but privacy and protection issues would be an issue.

Sometimes I over look quotes but more often I find that I love them! Usually they motivate me or give me a laugh which is always helpful, especially on Mondays!

I loved your topic! This is definitely a dark side! Thanks for sharing

I like Kellin’s ideas! My suggestion would be that we work on our papers outside of class but also blog a reflection on how our papers are coming, any parts we are really excited about or possibly struggling with.

Me too! Maybe it will really help them quit!

LOVE this topic and all you examples!!

Yes – there is always something that needs to be done! But that’s why we need to take a break sometimes

Wow, that is so awesome!!! Congrats!! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

Article 1 is very interesting and is kind of related to Emily’s post about predicting twitter and linked in users based on gender. My thought while reading this was back when I used AIM (middle school) I remember people WoUlD TyPe LiKe ThIS MaKiNg It ReAlLy EaSy tO Identify tHeM aS tEenZ! Not sure if current younger generations have identifying language or hashtags – I am sure they do! But all of this helps to identify types of users, in my opinion! Interesting blog, thanks for sharing Joy!

I really like that you focused on a topic that we discarded in the beginning of the semester – now we still get to learn about it!

Regarding the article, I have always assumed (assumption based on no knowledge) that social media would have a negative effect on works however this seems to be the opposite of the results in your article. Not only is social media linked to higher performance ratings but also “social participation is NOT associated with DECREASED work performance”!! Very Interesting! Maybe this can mean social media doesn’t have a negative association with my school work? Lol. Doubtful!

Good article, thanks!!

I agree, this is a bit alarming!

Love your video and article choice! I had a roommate in undergrad that always had me change her password during finals week!! I can say I have never done this, usually will power works for me! Great article, thanks for sharing!!

I saw something on facebook recently by Marc Zuckerberg – he was saying how he feels lucky to be in a position to help the world connect! Looks like twitter is doing the same thing!

I really resonated with this statement: “it is likely that most people would consider going a day or even half a day without their devices nearly impossible” – I can say I totally agree with this statement but find it a bit alarming! I thought about this for a second, and I don’t think I could go very long without my cell phone! I could probably survive without my laptop for a few days, mostly because I can do everything on my phone. Kinda sad! This may only be due to school and work related tasks I have to accomplish – if I was on vacation the though of not having my phone / laptop sounds a lot more realistic. Interesting concept to think about! Also, I completely agree that technology has brought many advances to the classroom and used with self-control can beneficial to students in many ways!