Snapchat Opens Geofilters So Anyone Can Submit Location-Based Artwork

Another snapchat addition! I saw one of these “geofilters” this weekend and had no idea how it appeared – now I know!
Although I use snapchat a lot (primarily to keep in touch with my sister and far away) I had no idea until recently that you could save your own pictures. Good news for all those selfie takers 🙂


Tumblr Now Has ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ Buttons From Etsy, Kickstarter, Artsy + Do Something

I keep hearing about Tumblr – I have always know about it because my sister has it for a few years but I have never looked into creating one. I think I am going to join Tumblr in the near future! Possibly over Christmas break when I can afford to be distracted. Any thoughts on Tumblr? Worth joining?

Social media terms and conditions are way too complex, say UK MPs

Very interesting – worth the read! It would be nice if user agreements were easier to understand!


A U.K. parliamentary committee has attacked the terms and conditions used by social media services, declaring that they are too complex for users to understand. It said the unsuitability of the T&Cs had been demonstrated by episodes such as Facebook’s emotion-manipulation study, in which [company]Facebook[/company] deliberately made some of its users sad as an experiment.

A report by the Science and Technology Committee, issued on Friday, called on the British government and data protection regulator to develop terms that can actually help users understand how their data is being used. It’s great to see more of a political push for this — there are already grassroots initiatives to help people understand what the services they use do with their data, such as Terms Of Service, Didn’t Read, but they’re not widely known about.

The committee also asked the government to work with business and academia to make sure…

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What is Bitcoin

One of my classmates mentioned bitcoins in class last Monday – and I realized it was a topic I was very unfamiliar with. I figured I would start reading up on what it was and came across this blog which gave me a basic understanding. Anything else I need to know? Let me know 🙂

Bitcoin for free

Bitcoin is an open-source currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. This decentralization is possible because the users themselves manage the transactions and the issuing of bitcoins, in accordance to the number of users/hash-rate. If you are interested in trying it out you have to create a wallet. You can use your computer has one or you can use an online one. There are several in the sidebar links. Still, nothing beats the good old paper or the hardware wallet in terms of security. (read more here)

If you are really fascinated by the concept of Bitcoin i suggest you access the original pdf, written by Sakamoto, here. And watch the foundation’s introductory video presentation:

An interesting feature of the Bitcoin is, like said earlier, that the users themselves create new coins, at a proportional rate of the interest of new users…

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Cloth Is Where Instagram And Your Closet Collide

A lot of girls I knew in high school are currently pursuing jobs in the fashion world. Some are hoping to make it big as paid fashion bloggers, another is pursuing a law degree to work specifically with fashion law and one even works in NYC directly with a designer. All of these girls have one thing in common: they frequently instagram there daily outfit with a popular hashtag: #OOTD. I think this new app has great potential due the popularity of #OOTD. I look forward to more articles on this topic and to see how it does now that it is available in the app store. I might even download it to see what it’s all about!