Snapchat Opens Geofilters So Anyone Can Submit Location-Based Artwork

Another snapchat addition! I saw one of these “geofilters” this weekend and had no idea how it appeared – now I know!
Although I use snapchat a lot (primarily to keep in touch with my sister and far away) I had no idea until recently that you could save your own pictures. Good news for all those selfie takers 🙂


Snapchat has opened up its Geofilters tool to a broader community this morning, letting anyone submit artwork that will appear as a geo-targeted filter on Snapchat photos.

Geofilters debuted in July and were available to Snapchat developers only, but today Snapchat is opening up the feature to the broader community. The feature works by letting artists create filters for certain locations, which will only show up for users if they’re in that area.

Snapchat offers all kinds of filters for photos, including options for black and white, sepia, the time, the speed, etc. Geofilters are just another layer on top of that, but could potentially open up another revenue stream for the company.

On the website for Geofilter submissions, Snapchat asks businesses to sign in to submit, though it’s unclear if the company is currently charging businesses for Geofilter submissions or if that’s in the works for the future. We’ve…

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Tumblr Now Has ‘Buy,’ ‘Pledge,’ And ‘Get Involved’ Buttons From Etsy, Kickstarter, Artsy + Do Something

I keep hearing about Tumblr – I have always know about it because my sister has it for a few years but I have never looked into creating one. I think I am going to join Tumblr in the near future! Possibly over Christmas break when I can afford to be distracted. Any thoughts on Tumblr? Worth joining?


Tumblr — the site that has apparently overtaken Instagram as the fastest-growing social media property — has today announced a test of a new feature that will give it more interactivity, and more of a social commerce spin. Users that post links from a selection of sites — Etsy, Artsy, Kickstarter and Do Something — will now automatically see action buttons appear in the top right corner of the posts for people to “buy”, “browse”, “pledge”, or “do something”.

For now, the actions are limited to these four sites. Down the road, if Tumblr decides to integrate the buttons into links from a wider range of properties — taking in e-commerce behemoths like Amazon and eBay, for example — it could feasibly become much more of a competitor against the likes of Pinterest, Facebook and others, positioning Tumblr not just as a place to consume content but to transact, too.

The buttons give viewers the option…

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Social media terms and conditions are way too complex, say UK MPs

Very interesting – worth the read! It would be nice if user agreements were easier to understand!


A U.K. parliamentary committee has attacked the terms and conditions used by social media services, declaring that they are too complex for users to understand. It said the unsuitability of the T&Cs had been demonstrated by episodes such as Facebook’s emotion-manipulation study, in which [company]Facebook[/company] deliberately made some of its users sad as an experiment.

A report by the Science and Technology Committee, issued on Friday, called on the British government and data protection regulator to develop terms that can actually help users understand how their data is being used. It’s great to see more of a political push for this — there are already grassroots initiatives to help people understand what the services they use do with their data, such as Terms Of Service, Didn’t Read, but they’re not widely known about.

The committee also asked the government to work with business and academia to make sure…

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Olapic Turns Social Media Pins Into Store Portals On Pinterest

Finally! This reminds me of Wanelo – which I never liked as much as pinterest – but did like that I was able to easily buy the items I found! Now it sounds like this will be possible on pinterest! Woo! However, this is not good for my bank account, especially with Christmas coming up!


Olapic, the social media aggregation and curation service for brands and stores, has launched a new service to turn images shared on platforms like Facebook or Instagram into store portals on Pinterest.

Using Olapic, brands can share linked photos on Pinterest that will bring a user back to a product page for the store, rather than the social media service from which the original image was shared.

The company does this by managing all of the steps associated with acquiring permission to re-use the content and then coding that content to link back to the store, instead of a site like Instagram or Facebook.

“Consumers today live in an omni-channel world in which they value authenticity over stylized stock imagery, and seek new ways to engage with brands across social channels,” said Pau Sabria, chief executive and co-Founder of Olapic, in a statement.


It’s a way for…

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BitPay Launches Bitcoin Checkout App For One Tap Payments

In follow up to my other blog on Bitcoins – I found a new interesting post about new additions to Bitcoin! Worth the read!


In the latest move to bring bitcoin payments to the masses, BitPay is launching a new point-of-sale app, Bitcoin Checkout, for in-store payments.

With the launch of the mobile checkout app at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, a bitcoin payment solution is now available in 40 languages and includes multi-employee checkout, tipping, and tip reporting. The checkout app is available for Android devices currently and will soon roll out to iOS, according to a statement from BitPay.

BitPay is most excited by the one tap payment feature enabled by NFC, which allows shoppers to use their mobile phones to receive bitcoin payment instructions. The company said it’s easier to use than scanning a QR code, and since both NFC and QR support bitcoin payment protocols, the bitcoin walet can verify the request before sending a payment.

“For retailers, accepting mobile payments is a growing trend, but none of today’s industry offerings…

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What is Bitcoin

One of my classmates mentioned bitcoins in class last Monday – and I realized it was a topic I was very unfamiliar with. I figured I would start reading up on what it was and came across this blog which gave me a basic understanding. Anything else I need to know? Let me know 🙂

Bitcoin for free

Bitcoin is an open-source currency that uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. This decentralization is possible because the users themselves manage the transactions and the issuing of bitcoins, in accordance to the number of users/hash-rate. If you are interested in trying it out you have to create a wallet. You can use your computer has one or you can use an online one. There are several in the sidebar links. Still, nothing beats the good old paper or the hardware wallet in terms of security. (read more here)

If you are really fascinated by the concept of Bitcoin i suggest you access the original pdf, written by Sakamoto, here. And watch the foundation’s introductory video presentation:

An interesting feature of the Bitcoin is, like said earlier, that the users themselves create new coins, at a proportional rate of the interest of new users…

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Cloth Is Where Instagram And Your Closet Collide

A lot of girls I knew in high school are currently pursuing jobs in the fashion world. Some are hoping to make it big as paid fashion bloggers, another is pursuing a law degree to work specifically with fashion law and one even works in NYC directly with a designer. All of these girls have one thing in common: they frequently instagram there daily outfit with a popular hashtag: #OOTD. I think this new app has great potential due the popularity of #OOTD. I look forward to more articles on this topic and to see how it does now that it is available in the app store. I might even download it to see what it’s all about!


Fashion and social networking belong together, but so far no one has found the perfect balance between user-generated content and a focus on edgy fashion. That’s where Cloth comes in.

It’s a new app, launched today, that lets users share their favorite outfits in an Instagram-like feed, letting them get feedback from friends (with likes and chat) and saving their favorite outfits to remember later.

Cloth has been in beta for two years now, and today launches into public availability on the App Store. It was founded by Seth Porges, who has been a longtime journalist for organizations like Maxim magazine, Popular Mechanics, Bloomberg News and Men’s Health.

With Cloth, however, Porges shifts to a more entrepreneurial focus, looking to help people record their own best looks and share them with others.

“The goal has always been to make getting dressed easier and more fun,” said Porges. “We wanted to…

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