Class Presentation Reflection: The Dark Side

Last week in my Social Internet course we had to give presentations about the Dark Side of social media and the Internet. Similar to an earlier presentation, are task was to coordinate this presentation using the Internet and social media. First, my classmates and I brainstormed in Google doc and came up with a list of topics we were all interested in. Then, we divided into groups. We then used social media to make sure everyone had a group and ask questions to one another. The topics we finalized included:

  1. Online Surveillance
  • NSA
  • Potential benefits of surveillance
  • Surveillance in China
  • Corporate
  1. Cyberbullying
  • Cyberbulling
  • Sexting & Child Pornography – my topic
  • Online Harassment
  1. Sexism
  • Gamer gate & Sexism
  1. Dark Side of Anonymity
  • Charity Fraud
  • Online Impersonation Theory
  • Social Comparison & Narcissism
  • Catfish and related issues

The interesting thing about this presentation is that we were doing it completely virtually! We used Blue Jeans Network to have our virtual meeting. I had never used this service before but it was so cool! All of us were able to join the meeting give our presentation by sharing our screen with the class. The website also had a chatroom type aspect, similar to instant messaging on skype, this allowed us to ask questions and talk during the presentations. I would highly recommend the Blue Jean Network! The connection was perfect and in a 3 hour class meeting we didn’t have a single glitch, very impressive! I think this was a great thing to integrate into a  Social Internet course, it showed us another great possibility the Internet gives us!

Blue Jeans Network Img

Curious what everyone thought about utilizing Blue Jean Network for class, so take my poll:


Beware of the Dark Side

As I am currently pursuing a Master’s in Computer and Information Technology and have a background in Criminal Justice I inherently look at the dark side of social media, computer usage, cyber security, etc. My mind instantly wanders to Facebook post used for tracking criminals and check-ins on foursquare linked to finding missing persons. I would say I have ‘pessimistic’ outlook on the Internet. However I do LOVE to keep in touch with family over Facebook, instagram my latest pumpkin spice latte and check in at my favorite restaurant. I guess I have a love / hate relationship with the Internet / social media. All of the positives are too often used the wrong way. With that being said, I am going to make this a two series blog – with the second half at the end of the semester. I will let you all know if my ‘pessimistic’ mind-set changes!