Week 10 – Reflection

This week in my social internet course we had virtual class – we each had to pick two research studies from 2014 and read and summarize them for our blog. Then, during normal class hours, we had to comment and discuss the readings of on each other’s posts. Here are a few of my thoughts on this week’s virtual class meeting:

It was amazing to sit home, eat dinner at a normal time, and participate in class while on the couch in comfy clothes! Even in this non-traditional classroom setting, I still learned a LOT! All my classmates picked extremely interesting topics – ones I wouldn’t normally had the chance to read! The topics picked by everyone in the class varied but there were a few themes that emerged – addiction & distraction issues with social media, technology in the classroom / workplace and twitter user prediction based on various characteristics, like word choice. Predicting users based on tweets was fascinating to me and also a bit scary!!

As for commenting on each other’s blogs and discussing the readings – it was a little chaotic at first but also fun! At first I was spending so much time responding to comments on my blog I wasn’t getting a chance to visit and read my classmates posts! But then I started getting fewer comments and was able to go and read everyone posts. Finding the ‘comment’ button was a big problem for me! Everyone has different layouts, which put the “comment” button in different places on the posts. I found myself scrolling through the posts a few times before I could actually find the comment button! Some layouts have it at the top and it says “commentary” others have it at the bottom and it says “leave a comment” and one I only found the button to comment after I “liked” the blog posts. Not sure if only I had this problem and it was just a “blonde” moment – or maybe other people had this problem too? It was pretty comical how much trouble I was having finding the comment buttons on some of the posts!

Probably about half-way through “class” time I realized “OH people from class are probably tweeting too!!!” – sure enough they were! So then I joined in the twitter conversation as well! A lot of multi-tasking went on for class Monday night but it was very fun and I really enjoyed reading about so many different topics! I definitely think this sort of class meeting fits perfectly into a “Social Internet” course!


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