I love Starbucks and Technology


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This posts is a lot more personal than I usually write but about social media nonetheless!

Monday  I had a LONG to do list, so I woke up early and went straight to starbucks! I ordered a coffee, found a seat and sat down to start knocking off items on my lists. About 2 hours in my little sister calls as she is walking to class (she is currently a freshman at FSU). I see this as a perfect excuse to take a break and catch up with her about the weekend! As we are talking one of the baristas walks over with a tray and asks if I would like to try their new holiday drink – a Chesnutt praline latte – I of course say yes! The latte was hot which I normally don’t like but I tried it anyways and it was AMAZING! I immediately told my sister about it and she is bummed because she just used her cash on a coffee at dunkin donuts (life of a poor college kid I guess, haha). We hung up and then I remembered I had sent her a starbucks gift card in a fall care package earlier this month – so I texted her to see if she kept the gift card, and she did!

For those of you who aren’t starbucks addicts like myself: starbucks has a mobile app which allows you to link your gift card and debit/credit card to the app. You then reload your gift card with money – either through the app and your debit/credit card or with cash at a register at any starbucks. You also get rewards for every drink/food you buy at starbucks using your card which results in free stuff! If you go to starbucks at all it is worth getting the rewards program! I always get free coffees or special offers on the app!

So the card I sent my sister was also one of the cards registered on my app – so I went up to the register, added money to her card and just like that she now had money to get a Chesnut praline latte! I texted her to enjoy a latte on me! She was surprised and happy which made me happy! 🙂 This is the reason I love technology! Because of this wonderful app and my smart phone I was able to treat my little sis to a coffee from 1000s of miles away!

After this I decided I would tweet starbucks about my love for their app! And by some chance they tweeted me back!! I initially thought I must of tweeted some fake starbucks account, but NOPE it was the real, blue check verified, starbucks! I thought it was really awesome they took the time to respond – and it wasn’t animated because they even used emojis! (Haha I am a bit of a fan girl)

starbucks tweet

Summary – that was my roundabout way of telling you technology is great and allows you to do great things  for loved ones even when your far away, big companies might tweet you back on twitter and you must try a Chesnut praline latte!!

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “I love Starbucks and Technology

  1. I seldom drink at Starbucks, as I am not an enthusiast like you.Wow, that’s really cool ! I would never thought about Starbucks gift card to be used that way. I love that Starbucks reply to your tweet showing that they care about their customers

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  2. Danielle, i love everything Christmas, so when I saw the Christmas Starbucks cup, I clicked on your link. I’m glad I did. What a great story! Thanks for sharing how you teamed up with technology and Starbucks to make your sister’s day!!

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  3. awwww….!

    See, this is the future of marketing/advertising. Fantastic example of customer advocacy, which is worth tons more than any ad. Of course they tweeted you back!


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