BitPay Launches Bitcoin Checkout App For One Tap Payments

In follow up to my other blog on Bitcoins – I found a new interesting post about new additions to Bitcoin! Worth the read!


In the latest move to bring bitcoin payments to the masses, BitPay is launching a new point-of-sale app, Bitcoin Checkout, for in-store payments.

With the launch of the mobile checkout app at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, a bitcoin payment solution is now available in 40 languages and includes multi-employee checkout, tipping, and tip reporting. The checkout app is available for Android devices currently and will soon roll out to iOS, according to a statement from BitPay.

BitPay is most excited by the one tap payment feature enabled by NFC, which allows shoppers to use their mobile phones to receive bitcoin payment instructions. The company said it’s easier to use than scanning a QR code, and since both NFC and QR support bitcoin payment protocols, the bitcoin walet can verify the request before sending a payment.

“For retailers, accepting mobile payments is a growing trend, but none of today’s industry offerings…

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