I am enjoying this cold, November, Sunday watching TV at home and this commercial pops up between Law and Order: Special Victim scenes.

(From: Youtube)

I have yet to hear of this app or see the commercial – So I googled it right after the commercial ended. I came across this wiki  which gave be a good understanding of what the app was. I then looked at the GrubHub website which looks like this:

GrubHub website(From: GrubHub)

So to my understanding, it is both an app and an a website. I already have dinner cooking for tonight (spicy Italian turkey sausage and raviolis) , but I am going to download the app and use it to order food in the future!

grub logo

(Image from: New Critics)

Curious if this is actually a “new” app or if I am just behind on knowing about it?


5 thoughts on “GrubHub

  1. I too saw a commercial for GrubHub but it wasn’t my first encounter with the service. I’ve tried to use the site while traveling but both times I was in an area that nobody delivered to. I think it is a cool idea but I’ve yet to successfully use it.

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  2. I’ve used this app a lot. Back when I was a pizza delivery driver in Austin, we took delivery orders through GrubHub (as well as by phone and our website). There is a second version of the GrubHub app for delivery drivers. You sync it to the business you work for and they automatically send you orders. Then you can update your customers from your app as you are making the pizza, getting in the car, waiting in traffic, etc. It also automatically pulls up maps to find the delivery addresses. It was pretty useful.


  3. I guess just seeing it on TV and not hearing about it before attracted me to the app. Also, with winter coming up and not knowing how to drive in the snow (FL girl) I will need some way to get dinner when I don’t want to cook! 🙂 I should of included that – oops!


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