Social Media and Sports – two of my favorite things!

sm and sports

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I grew up watching college game day EVERY Saturday with my dad! My favorite part of the morning was seeing what mascot Lee Corso would choose. I then attended a college football dominated university, The University of Alabama. Three out of my four years at UA our football team won the national championship. Roll Tide! To stay in the loop, I added ESPN, College Game Day, SEC sports, etc to my ‘following’ list on twitter. If I couldn’t watch a game or wanted to know the standings on Sunday night I could always count on these twitter accounts to let me know!

A few Saturdays ago (college football day), there was a lot of attention surrounding Florida State University’s quarterback, Jamis Winston. Winston was the 2013 Heisman trophy winner. (Side Notes: My sister now attends FSU, so I now added twitter’s related to FSU to my ‘following’ list on my personal twitter) The attention to Winston was the result of him standing on top of a table at the FSU student union and shouting an extremely vulgar statement (look it up if you are interested). This saying was apparently from a popular internet meme making its rounds around college campuses.

Deadspin reported the incident, citing several Tweets as witnesses to the event. I then saw on twitter that FSU would be suspending Winston for the first half of the game. This garnished a LOT of media attention because the game was against one of the school’s rivals, Clemson. As the week went on, FSU announced because of further investigation Winston would actually be suspended for the entire game. While watching the game on Saturday, one of the commentators mentioned that the further investigation was because people’s tweets were matching up to what Winston claimed he said.

Then, I saw a tweet on Sunday after the game saying something along the lines of: “Peyton Manning should be glad social media wasn’t around when he was in college”. I immediately wanted to know what this was about, mainly because Peyton Manning is my FAVORITE NFL player. I found this article  which answer my question perfectly.

This made me wonder: is it fair that Winston had more severe consequences partially because of social media? Personally, I think he deserved to be suspended for the whole game from the start! What do you think? Should social media have an effect on decision making for college athletes?


If you’re wondering what the result of the game was: FSU 23 CLEMSON 17 in OT. It was an amazing game to watch ant my sister was there experience her first FSU game in the stadium!


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