Class Reflection

As part of our class project we were required to coordinate are group project via Twitter. This is the first time I have had to use a social media platform for class work. (However, once in undergrad my professor told us to follow her class page on twitter and I was the first to follow so I got extra credit). The task of using twitter was actually not half bad. I was initially worried – I thought if everyone wasn’t checking twitter regularly it might take a while to get responses. But this was not the case! We quickly established groups, decided a on a topic we were all interested in and then coordinated through Googledocs a place to meet!

During class we asked to live tweet about the presentations. Traditionally, this goes against the ‘normal’ rules of class room etiquette, in my opinion. I was sitting in the first row during this class meeting and found myself feeling rude to the presenters. But on the other hand, I found it extremely interesting to read my classmates tweets and their thoughts on the presentation while listening. I am on the fence when it comes to live tweeting, I think there are a lot of positives to this but also some negative aspects. It may just be that it is not a ‘social norm’ to me yet and it will take some getting used to!

Thoughts on live tweeting? Interested in other opinions.


2 thoughts on “Class Reflection

  1. I agree that it was an odd experience, and that I had to compromise my sense of classroom etiquette for this assignment. But at the same time, it was interesting to see what others were thinking during the presentation — and going back and reading what was posted while our group was presenting provided some good feedback and insight. All in all, I feel it was a positive experience. Of course, I would probably change my mind very quickly in a “real-world” environment where the commentary might be more negative…

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