My quest for coffee & the app that helped!


So you’re on a road trip and you see an exit with decent food but think to yourself – I bet the next exit is going to have what I REALLY want. Have you ever thought this? I know my sister and I have! We have continuously thought this on road trips, and wondered why no one had created an app to help solve this problem! We also always hoped to be the individuals to create one and become rich! Well, unfortunately someone  beat us too it! The app is called Iexit. I was recently told about this app by my roommate before I headed out of town for Labor Day weekend. My roommate knew I was missing dunkin donuts coffee (I recently moved to West Lafayette, IN where there are NO dunkin donuts close by and I am previously use to them being everywhere). She told me the app might help me find my favorite coffee! I of course instantly thought of my sister and our ‘app idea’. On my trip, I downloaded the app and put it to use! At first it was hard to figure out, but that was more of a user error. Eventually I figured it out and it is pretty awesome! The app allows you to pick from a variety of categories and shows you what exits have the goods /services you selected. I am definitely a fan of this app and will use it on future road trips!

PS – thanks to this app I enjoyed a dunkin donuts carmel swirl iced coffee



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